I cannot thank you enough! I just posted a paragraph on my homepage of Facebook, along with all of your contact info! I also commented on your wall and my wall! I honestly believe you are the best! Thank you for helping me feel not only better, but also so comfortable with you and your extreme professionalism!! Not to mention your general kindness and good heartedness. You are a rare breed, and I am grateful to be not only a client, but also a friend!

With love in friendship,

My Massage experience with Bassil,

Now, this is hard to put into words, but I will try. I've had massage's for years, I've tried many different therapists. Where ever I traveled, I would incorporate a massage in to my trip. Well, since I started going to Bassil, I no longer see anyone else. This massage is truly unforgettable. Bassil understands what a woman wants. The room candlelit, warm clean bed, the most beautiful music, wonderful oils, strong big hands and yet so gentle and flowing. When I'm on the table, my mind is totally free of all the stress and worries of life. Last week after my massage, I realized this must be how it feels to be totally enlighten and free of all incoming drama.

This man is magical !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS If I were Bassil, I would guarantee all my work with a full refund if not satisfied.


Your massage is awesome! I prefer a deep tissue massage and Bassil always knows where to work. I feel very relaxed during my massage and feel great for many days after the massage. I would recommend Bassil to anyone who wants a complete experience of whole body work. The hour and a half is the way to go and believe me that isn't long enough, so I always look forward to my next massage!

Michelle J.

The passion that Bassil for massage is evident the moment his healing hands touch my body. I have had many massages from many places around the world and I can honestly say I wish each time that it was Bassil that was doing it instead. He is not only the best at massage but really cares for me as a person. The energy that surrounds this man is very calming and loving. Thank you Bassil! Masseur Extraordinaire indeed!

Kim L

After experiencing my first massage with Bassil, I truly understood the words "total bliss." I never felt more completely pampered and relaxed as I was while under his care. His studio is wonderfully balanced for the perfect massage. The soft candle light, beautiful decor, and calming music allow for the complete package to be experienced with the utmost joy. Bassil is truly a master at his craft and a session with him will leave you wanting more!

Dawn C.
Sacramento, CA

As someone who has had too many massages to count, I was so excited when my facialist recommended Bassil to me. I described my "perfect" massage as a firm massage, done in a professional manner in a professional place, and I had yet to find it since moving to the area. As soon as she heard what I was looking for, she told me I HAD to try Bassil. I will admit, I was a bit timid to try Bassil, as I had never been to a male therapist, but that quickly faded as I met him. Bassil was funny and polite and was very conscience when it came to draping, etc. I loved his massage room, which is quiet, clean and relaxing with a few candles and good music. (Later I would find out that the CD that was playing was mine to keep.) But better then all of that was the massage! If you think you have had the best massage out there, I would challenge you to try Bassil. Now I have most of my friends, and even my mom going to Bassil. Thanks!

Andrea M
Roseville, CA

"Under bassil's Care, you can't help but shed all your cares in the world. for several days afterward, you will feel lighter and more energized. but be forewarned... Bassil's massage can be habit-forming"

Lori H.
Carmichael Ca.

"The massage I got from Bassil was such a pleasant one that I came back again plus I brought some of my friends. Very nurturing and caring touch. The mood music, the candles, everything was perfect

kristi K
Sacramento Ca



Stress Free Zone...A Healing Touch

Treat yourself to a massage and enjoy the benefits for both the mind and body. I must admit that I’ve never been a fan of massage therapy until last week. After working 14 to 16 hour days the last four months, I was in great need of a pampering session. I had a massage by Bassil compliments of Body Serenity.

Body Serenity has a very friendly yet relaxing atmosphere located on Sunset Boulevard in Fair Oaks. The cozy little space is very welcoming and quiet. It’s a place that’s hard not to feel at ease and peace. I’m always on the go and find it hard to relax, so it was nice to step into a place where I could escape from the stresses of life.

Bassil patiently waited for my arrival, and I was greeted like a long time friend. When I walked into the massage room, the lights were dim, candles were lit and incense where burning. I felt as if I had walked into a sanctuary.

The best way to describe my massage therapy experience is best said by Bassil himself. "In massage, you have to use all the right techniques, but the rest comes from the heart," he says, "and when you do that, the results come out the best. I like to see the faces of my clients light up after a massage and it feels good to know that I’ve done something positive." After speaking with Bassil, I realized that my face immediately lit up after the massage to! My headache went away and my spirit felt lighter and refreshed! I left feeling energized and ready to take on the rest of the week.

I’ve had several massages by different massage therapists, and I’ve never been satisfied. After my massage, I realized that what the difference is between my previous massage therapists and Bassil. It’s his extra touch of care. Bassil works from the heart. It’s obvious that his massage therapy is not just another "job," it’s his passion.


Massage Unlike Any Other Winner of Best Massage
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