To live well is a matter of conscious choice. We don’t need to suffer from muscle pain, anxiety, or other symptoms of stress when relief is available. Bassil Kamas is a certified Massage Therapist, and has dedicated his practice to helping others achieve a greater sense of balance, prosperity and purpose in their lives, by offering:

Massage for Stress Management:

Private sessions of 60 or 90 minutes enable you to relax, replenish, and restore vitality in his Studio in Fair Oaks, California, or in yours.

Chair Massage at Work:

Employers and employees both benefit from onsite chair massage. Short, focused sessions provide effective stress relief while boosting morale and productivity.

Chair Massage at Special Events:

Special events are even more festive and special when opportunities for pampering are made available, whether a private party, a golf tournament, or a scrap booking marathon, chair massage is a fun and healthful way to add zest to any gathering.