Background and Training

Bassil Kamas

Massage Therapist
(916) 247-4321


Bassil is a licensed practitioner, certified since 2002, and trained at the Healing Arts Institute in Roseville, California. He has advanced training in Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, and soft and deep tissue release. Bassil is very active, social and engages in the sport of soccer. He has been married 13 years, with a beautiful daughter of 7 years of age.

Although male therapists are often times overlooked by female clients, 99.999% of his clients are females simply because once one experiences Bassil and the overwhelming effectiveness and transformation of his technique, this will no longer be an issue. Bassil is most exceptional and truly gifted in the most raw and natural art of massage. Over the years, Bassil has built a very loyal clientele founded on this very gift. He is genuine, sincere, focused, passionate, thoughtful, with the greatest desire to heal and nurture. From Bassil's heart and hands to your body and mind, he is deeply connected with your physiology, enabling him to detoxify and rejuvenate physically and emotionally. We warn his clients, however, to be prepared to take the "journey" and to prepare themselves for the "out of body" experience.

Each session is not a standard, written or rehearsed routine. The session is tailored for each individual's needs, addressing specific concerns. The massage treatment is performed within a secure, nurturing and most relaxing environment where privacy is of utmost concern and respected at all times.